Monday, 13 February 2012

Microgen DBClarity Developer Has Launched

Well the day has arrived, true visual SQL is here, and all of us here at Microgen are very excited!

I'm pleased to announce the production launch of Microgen DBClarity Developer, and it's available to purchase now.  Just go to the Microgen DBClarity site and follow the Buy Now links.

Whilst we developed the product to be database agnostic allowing you to graphically develop SQL queries and procedures for any supported database, we recognise that there are still plenty of organisations out there that run on a single database technology.  As such, we've licensed DBClarity Developer so that you can choose which database platform you want to run on, hopefully making it a little more accessible to companies of all sizes.  Of course, for those of you that run a heterogeneous database environment, you can buy the suite allowing you to run and deploy your queries and procedures on any database.  After all, one of the product benefits in not having to learn or remember database specific syntax! 

So forget SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Set-SQL, go graphical and let us worry about creating the database platform optimized code.

We will of course continue to provide the 30 day trial so you can test drive the product for yourself, and the trial is for the full suite allowing you to develop against any database platform.

As always we love to get your feedback which is key to us developing and evolving the product to meet your needs, so please keep it coming.