Thursday, 8 December 2011

Free Webinar

Just to let you all know that I’ll be hosting a free webinar on December 15th that will demonstrate the capabilities of Microgen DBClarity Developer, and I’ll be discussing how it can be used to overcome many of the challenges faced by reporting teams, database developers, analysts and business insight professionals.

I'll touch on some of my past experiences managing Business Intelligence teams and involvement in large change programmes, and consider how DBClarity Developer would be beneficial in these situations.

I’ll be including a Q&A session at the end, so if you have any questions about the product or how it could be used to benefit your team, then this is a perfect opportunity to throw them at me!

For more details and to register, please follow the link:

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Beta 2 is Coming...

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone who has provided us with feedback on the first beta of Microgen DBClarity Developer.  This is what I love about, and where we see the real benefits of running beta programs, as you get to influence the things we need to improve on.

So, we’re almost there with Beta 2, and we’ll obviously be posting it up on the web site for download as soon as it’s ready.  If you’re a Beta 1 user and have come to the end of your 30 day trial, don’t fret, as the new beta will start your 30 days again.

So what have we done?

·         A number of great improvements to the debugger, particularly for Teradata.  The ability to visually debug and step through stored procedures has got to be a bonus to any SQL developer!
·         Improved database deployment process particularly with the Create or Replace options
·         Usability enhancements, including:
o Improved output display when executing procedures from with Microgen DBClarity Developer
o Cascading deletes on when removing database entities from the Workspace
o Improved Insert One Row with parameters in SQL Rules
·         A range of enhancements to Expressions in Procedures Parameters, SQL Procedures and Block Inputs

We hope these improvements will keep you all happy for the time being.  We’re obviously working on the product roadmap, and we have taken on board some of the bigger ideas that have been suggested.

I’ll let you all know as soon as the update is available for download, and please keep the feedback coming.