Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A New Chapter

After many years of architecting, designing and developing business focused technology solutions, I am really excited that I am now Product Manager for Microgen Aptitude.  Microgen have a powerful technology platform that enables organisations to develop enterprise class applications that can leverage existing systems and data assets.  I was particularly drawn to this role as I can see how the product could have added huge value in past roles, and helped overcome a number of the challenges we faced.

During my career I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in both business and technology transformation initiatives, and have seen first-hand the challenges faced by organisations trying to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

From implementing SOA, sales automation, legacy integration and migration programmes through to enterprise wide adoption of agile methodologies, they all challenge us in the way we work together, what technologies we use and how they integrate, and the end results typically dictate significant change to business processes.

So it is with this in mind that I get animated about Microgen Aptitude, my company’s flagship product.  Microgen Aptitude provides an end-to-end visual approach to application development that breaks down traditional barriers, enabling true collaboration amongst business and IT folk.  The platform includes all the technology elements one needs to develop applications including BPM, business rules, integration, ETL, and web applications.  These elements were designed from the ground up as a single integrated product, which is based on a service orientated architecture with full orchestration capabilities.  This enables fast development of enterprise scale solutions without the challenges of a mixed toolset with proprietary languages (as is offered by some of the mega vendors).  Finally, the Aptitude solution is resilient and scalable and has the ability to process hundreds of millions of transactions per hour.  This all adds up to a platform that happily powers applications at some of the world’s largest investment banks and digital media providers.  

In this blog, I hope to discuss the challenges faced by companies today, and how they can rapidly develop applications to gain competitive advantage, whether they’re to improve operations, launch new products, or leverage existing data.

Next; the Teradata Partners event where we launched a new product.

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